Portland Coffee Scene

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The Rose City is home to some of the best coffee in the country. With charming cafes around every corner, Portland is the place to be for coffee lovers in search of a steaming cup of liquid gold.

Before Starbucks hit the Pacific Northwest or Peet’s Coffee arrived on the scene, Portlanders were already enjoying specialty coffee drinks at Jim & Patty’s coffee, which turned into “Coffee People”, a well know and beloved chain from the 80s into the 90s.  From there, Stumptown Coffee Roasters started the next wave of delicious drinks with the owner sourcing the best beans from around the world, locally roasting the beans and brewing up blends at 5 local locations.

What makes Portland a unique coffee destination and the best of the best? Portland cares about coffee. Baristas put passion and the knowledge of coffee mechanics into every cup they make.


Here are some of the top spots to hit up around the Portland coffee scene.

Coava Coffee Roasters

With 4 local locations, Coava has coffee menu that changes seasonally, offering an exciting variety of freshly roasted specialty coffees. Their signature honey & vanilla lattes are handcrafted using house-made syrups, & our mochas are made with award-winning Seahorse chocolate.


Located on Williams Ave in Portland and 13th in Sellwood and has been serving up grand coffee, tasty food and delicious cocktails since 2013.,  

The Fresh Pot

Locations on Hawthorne and Mississippi, The Fresh Pot has been locally owned and serving up Stumptown Coffee Roaster beans since 1997.

Prince Coffee

Price Coffee started in 2016 in the neighborhood of Kenton but has since moved to the Beaumont neighborhood on NE Fremont. A Dutch inspired coffee shop also serves up coffee from local roasters, breakfast sandwiches and on special occasions their famous stroopwafels.

Ovation Coffee & Tea

The Moroccan-inspired Ovation Cafe is not just for coffee drinkers but also provides services to those who enjoy tea, including their popular Moroccan Mint. 2 locations in Lake Oswego and one in the SW Waterfront area of Portland