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Historic Homes for Sale in Portland Oregon

What to know about buying a historic home in the PDX area

Portland Oregon Historic Homes

The Portland Metro area grew out of the 1800’s Westward Ho commotion.  As a result, the area has plenty of rich and diverse neighborhoods where historic homes can be found.

At any given time, The Portland Metro area has many well-established neighborhoods which have historic homes for sale.

The historic houses for sale in Portland Oregon are going to be based on, for the most part, the architecture.

There is something to be said about an “eye-brow” roof, front porches, exposed wood beam ceiling trusses, a true Craftsmen style, and leaded windows.  The rich and vibrant feel to an older home is something coveted by many looking to become home owners in the Portland area.

historic house can be

  • a stately home
  • the birthplace of a famous person
  • or a house with an interesting history or architecture.

Historic homes are often eligible for special grant awards for preservation. What makes a historic home significant is often its architecture or its significance to the culture or history of an area. There are some organizations that offer services to research the history of historic homes, and provide “Historic Home” designations. Once designations are obtained, the property is added to Historic Home Registries.

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Historic Portland Homes for Sale


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Portland OR Neighborhoods that have Historic Homes for Sale


There are many older and established neighborhoods in the Portland real estate market that have homes for sale.

Here are the top areas to find them in:


  • Alameda – Alameda’s community side streets wind around the hill, past cottages and expansive Craftsman homes.


  • Dunthorpe – Dunthorpe is an affluent, unincorporated suburb of Portland, Oregon with large estates and century-old properties.


  • Irvington  Irvington is a neighborhood located in Northeast Portland. Irvington is distinguished by a number of large stately homes, often positioned on multiple or over-sized lots.


  • Laurelhurst  Laurelhurst is a neighborhood of vintage homes and undulating streets surrounding a park of the same name, straddling the NE and SE sections of Portland.


  • Portland Heights  Portland Heights is one of the oldest and most exclusive neighborhoods in Portland mainly because of its views and closeness to downtown.

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