Beaverton Greenway Park

Beaverton Greenway Park has wonderful walking / biking trails, extends for miles, has a variety of wildlife . . . well, wildlife for a city that is: raccoon, occasional coyotes, squirrels, garden snakes, turtle, frogs, herons . . .

The birds living at Greenway are abundant too, Hawks, owls, ducks, migratory birds, Canadian geese, finches, sparrows, scrub jays, cranes . . . I’ve even seen pheasants . . . all call Greenway Park home.

Greenway Park is owned and maintained by Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District.  THP&RD is a well-run machine here in town.  They maintain over 200 park sites (Greenway Park is one of the larger parks under their care) and provide on-going classes, events, services and recreation facilities in the NW Portland, Beaverton area.

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When I took my Molly dog walking yesterday at Greenway Park, I noticed the yellow sign near one of the park’s entrances.

Sunday Trailways

Date & Time: 06/24/12, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Event Address: Fanno Creek Trail, Beaverton, OR
Contact Phone: 503/645-6433
Location: Beaverton Neighborhoods
Cost: Free

What a wonderful way to get to know Fanno Creek which runs through a portion of Greenway Park.  As you can see from the announcement, this will be a nice event for the entire family, group of friends, or individuals wanting to know about Fanno Creek and the abundant life, the flora and fauna of the area.

Keep in mind, this is smack dab in the middle of the City of Beaverton!  We are so fortunate to have nature in our midst with lovely Greenway Park and the surrounding Fanno Creek Regional Trail.

“This grand opening event will showcase the completed Fanno Creek Regional Trail (map) to neighbors and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and activity levels. Fanno Creek Trail provides transportation, recreation and a gateway to several of Washington County’s green and historic areas, including Greenway Park, Vista Brook Park and the Fanno Farmhouse.”

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